With the current mature development of Internet technology, the live broadcast industry has ushered in a new wave. In China, live broadcasting has become an important engine for the country's efforts. 

On November 21st, ambassadors and deputy ambassadors from various countries came to the live broadcast base of Guangzhou (Tencent) service providers. At this moment, ambassadors slowly became "anchors", and each country demonstrated the magical ability of "selling goods for the country". The "Ambassador Live Room" started broadcasting for 7 minutes, welcoming more than 190,000 fans, and nearly 180,000 netizens expressed their views. This move made diplomats from various countries excited.

In the afternoon of the same day, the Sino-Foreign News Agency (Tencent) Ambassador Live Room Opening Ceremony was held. She said that today the "Chinese and Foreign News Service (Tencent) Ambassador Live Room" officially opened, which marked another step forward in the construction of new media by the Chinese and Foreign News Service. 

The ambassador’s live delivery project is to shorten the distance between the domestic products of various countries and Chinese consumers, establish cultural and economic ties between China and other countries, promote the economic recovery of the "Belt and Road" countries after the epidemic, and build a community with a shared future for mankind A contribution of strength. Launching e-commerce in China is already an international trend, and some countries have taken the lead in occupying the market to display their "national name card".