2023 marks the 60th anniversary of the dispatch of China's foreign aid medical teams and the 10th anniversary of the proposal to jointly build the "the Belt and Road". In this context, the production team of the TV drama "Welcome to Maile Village" went to Tanzania Zanzibar, Serengeti, Dar es Salaam and other places for filming. Through the story of Chinese medical aid teams stationed in "Maile Village" in Africa saving lives and helping the injured, and establishing deep friendship with local people, we deeply interpret the Chinese spirit of "love without boundaries" and selfless dedication.
On December 11th, Tanzania's Ambassador to China, Amb. Khamis Mussa Omar, recorded a special video for "Welcome to Maile Village".
Ambassador Omar praised in the video that Chinese doctors assisting Africa have protected the health of the local people with love and superb skills, and helped improve medical conditions in the face of various difficulties and hardships. At the same time, the ambassador also introduced the beautiful natural scenery of Tanzania to the audience and warmly invited everyone to travel to Tanzania.